Dutch Treat by Sysco Pancho's Product Reviews by Loni

Dutch Treat by Sysco Pancho's - this is one of the all time favorites in our store. ABL has been working with Sysco since we began. The Dutch Treat is one of the main reasons because it does not get any better than the strain that comes from this grower. It has a sweet smell, is very smooth on the inhale, with sweet notes. The Dutch Treat is a great mood uplifter with a long lasting high. (8)

WA Grower has a Blackberry Kush variety in the store now and it is a winner, The flower has nice tight buds and is not dry by any stretch of the imagination. This Blackberry affords a nice body high without being too heavy. The strain is very relaxing.

Tommy Gun Pre-Roll by Prohibition Brands. The Cherry Tommy Gun in particuar provides a nice and smooth inhalation and a long-lasting high. The joint does not effuse any of the cherry flavor. All you taste is the herb. Nice, cannabis flavor. (7)

RSO by WA Grower - Increasingly more producers are making RSO now and our store is one of the beneficiaries of this trend. We recently tested two varieties of RSO by this producer and they both have lived up to the high stands we associate with WA Grower. This product takes about a half hour before kicking in and then furnishes a terrific body high. We do not have it in store now but hope to get it soon.