Not a Hot Topic

It does not look like marijuana is a hot topice this session. The one bill, HB 1092 sponsored by Rep. Sherry Appleton, looks like it is going to die. Word is that there are a couple bills percolating in the Senate but no path breaking legislation appears to be on the horizon. Like we said about Hempfest and its possible decline in fervor, what's the point? It is legal now. There is no mountain to climb. The big chore is to get attention at the federal level and all we can say is good luck with that. Jeff Sessions as Attorney General means nothing but trouble. The only question in that regard is how much trouble is Sessions going to be? One can imagine that with all the histrionics and troubling dynamics under way in the broad expanse of foreign and domestic policies that marijuana gets little or no attention at all. The DEA, judged by virtue of its refusal over the summer to consider rescheduling pot, is not going to be any help. There is a temptation to leave well enough alone. Let sleeping dogs lie.