Feedback from Kyle on Critical Plus by Buddy Boy Farms

So I open the package and give it a smell and are met with a very nice smelling flower and very dense hard nugs. The nugs look to be very nicely manicured ,
Upon cracking open the nugs the herb has a very nice, almost Pine like aroma. The smell becomes more delicious after grinding up the buds.  I gave it a quick sniff and was instantly smacked in the face with the smell of black licorice. So, I decided to roll it up into a joint and as I was attempting to do such the bud was very sticky, but I got it rolled. Giving it a quick dry hit, I was again instantly hit with black licorice flavor. Upon lighting and giving it a taste, there was a nice smooth flavor.  The smoke was not harsh. Rather, it was very nice being able to sit and relax with a nice delicious joint. I would rate this top quality cannabis, well done by the producer, and I would see myself purchasing this. As I continued to smoke the joint it exerted great flavor all the way through and burned nice and slow.
I noticed that Critical Plus has a very nice Iindica buzz but not overpowering. As I said above, it was very nice to be able to just sit and relax and have a nice mellow buzz. But, I suspect that if you smoke more than one of these joints, the experience would probably put you to bed.