Canna Organix pre-roll Product Review by Kyle


I opened the #CannaOrganix pre-roll package and remove the joint. I have found that most pre-rolls are packed with a mixture of bud and dry shake which often times causes the joint to "flake" when opening it. This was not the case for canna organix. I opened the Canna Organix, gave it the ol' flake test shake, and to my surprise nothing came out. The pre-roll was packed nicely with premium bud.

I fired it up and immediately and was hit with a very strong initial taste that mellowed out into a nice flavor after a few more puffs. The joint burned evenly, no one-sided uneven burns. I can see myself purchasing #CanaOrganix pre-rolls again. It also pairs nicely with dabs. I was able to increase my buzz even after doing a couple dabs before doing the pre-roll.