Viva Cactido! Product Review by Paula

Silver Trees Cactido

THC 24.9%

THCA 22.23%


Cactus and Do-Si-Dos

This decedent hybrid has a little something for everyone. As soon as you open the bag there is a refreshing lemony scent and you will clearly see a wealth of trichomes, but don't worry about the crystals left in the bag, there is plenty on the flower that you would swear it was rolled in sugar.

The citrus and eucalyptus nodes combine to create a uniquely delightful flavor and aroma. The high is uplifting, euphoric and creative. I enjoyed that I still maintained clear concentration and focus but felt the nice relaxing effects of an Indica.

Whether you are a connoisseur or just looking for an excellent smoke this is a great strain for every step of your experience.