Certified Medical Marijuana Consultants at A Bud & Leaf

If there was ever a case where denial will not work it is happening now with the big changes in the works that are going to change the retail marijuana industry in Washington. Every marijuana dispensary in Olympia is going to change. All the pot dispensaries in Tacoma are going to change. Every cannabis dispensary in Washington will be different after July 1, 2016. Pot Olympia is going to be different, pot Tacoma will be radically adjusted, and all the pot dispensaries in Washington are going to change.

Right now one pot dispensary in Olympia is getting ahead of the curve. A Bud & Leaf already has certified medical marijuana consultants on staff. Moreover, it has addition staff members undergoing training now. By the summer, ABL is going to be ready to receive patients, enter those who want into the state authorized database and work with designated providers. That is a new twist for a rec store that has not been known as a marijuana dispensary in Olympia before.

We take the job seriously. We know that Olympia weed is known as the best around in many quarters. People drive hundreds of miles to reach our store or other pot dispensaries in Olympia as a welcome alternative to other marijuana dispensaries in Washington. When July rolls around things are going to get even better

Medical Marijuana Consultant Certification Rules Permant- Now Accepting Applications for Training Program Providers

The Washington State Department of Health has now promulgated permanent rules for Medical Marijuana Consultant Certification. Those rules are now in effect. 

All marijuana retail stores with a medical endorsement, such as the one A Bud & Leaf has, are required to have a certified Medical Marijuana Consultant on staff. To be a Medical Marijuana Consultant, a person must first take and pass a state Department of Health approved training course. Chapter 246-72 WAC defines what a certified Medical Marijuana Consultant is, as well as the required training curriculum and who can provide the training program.

The application for qualified training programs will be posted to the DOH site on the Consultant Certification Program page.

State Issues 142 Medical Endorsements to Already-Licensed Marijuana Stores

Washington State government has in recent weeks stamped 142 retail marijuana licenses with a medical endorsement that will let them cater to patients come July 1. The value of an endorsement for the roughly 65 percent of pot shops that have received one won’t be fully known, though, until more rules are set for Washington’s newly consolidated medical and recreational marijuana system. “If it did come to fruition, we could significantly expand our business,” said Jim Sulton, owner of one of the stores with an endorsement, A Bud and Leaf in Olympia.