Caviar Gold

Caviar Gold meds home to the cavi cones and cavi doobies, high quality bud that is infused with Co2 oil and then rolled in keif, resulting in a very potent medication when smoked. 

Caviar Gold utilizes a proprietary CO2 extraction method that allows for accurate dosaging with consistent results. Using this process, the company strives to provide the strongest medicine available. This lone pre-rolled joint could easily handle four to six patients, let alone one brave soul willing to push the limit. Each Caviar Gold Cavi Cone is only rolled with top shelf flowers, infused with high grade honey oil and then completely covered in high end kief. They add natural flavors to some of the joints by using an organic infusion process using dehydrated fruit. Caviar Gold Cavi Cone’s packaging and presentation are top notch. Opening one up has the feel of opening that fine cigar you have been saving. The air tight container keeps in the freshness of the joint, giving it the freshness of a nug that has just been broken up and rolled. It makes for a nice smooth and fresh smoke.
(Apple, Grape, Raspberry, Strawberry, Vanilla, Original)

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