Mission Statement:

In the spirit of eliminating prohibition and all its harmful effects, we work hard every day at A Bud & Leaf, Inc. to enhance the recreational pleasure of people who responsibly enjoy marijuana.


A Bud & Leaf is one of only two Washington state licensed I-502 marijuana retail stores in the capital city of Olympia. Established and operating since 2015, ABL has been providing excellent quality affordable marijuana, marijuana infused products and concentrates for its patrons in Olympia, Thurston County for more than a year. ABL customers reflect all the demographic characteristics of the American population. Regardless of their ages or backgrounds, people share a common belief that it ought not be a crime to get high. Beyond this, ABL fulfills the natural urge people have to buy weed without having to “duck and cover.”


Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about A Bud & Leaf:



Why do you only accept cash for purchases?



Although medical marijuana has been legal in Washington since 1998 and recreational sales began in 2014, the federal government still prohibits the substance and that affects Washington dispensaries. So, banks remain unwilling to accept cannabis stores as customers or business partners. Here in Olympia, ABL does everything possible to assist customers who want to make purchases at the dispensary, including provision of an ATM on site.



Does a person have to possess a medical (green) card to make purchases at ABL?



No, patient authorization cards provided by the state are not required at A Bud & Leaf. A customer only has to show a government issued photo ID that proves they are 21 years of age or older to enter and buy at our Olympia recreational store.



Will ABL sell medical grade marijuana products in the future?



Yes. Last year A Bud & Leaf earned a medical endorsement from the state. Once new rules and regulations governing medical marijuana sales are determined by the Department of Health and the Liquor and Cannabis Board, ABL will be able to expand the range of products it makes available to customers here in Olympia.



Is there still opposition to the sale of cannabis in Washington?



Yes. Although better accepted than they were at first, ABL and other I-502 stores across the state are still outside the mainstream of retail commerce. Some cities and municipalities that imposed bans against recreational stores have eliminated those moratoriums. Others have kept them. Changes made in state laws in 2015 will significantly expand the number of recreational dispensaries that are available even as they eliminate many medical dispensaries. Slowly but surely, more changes will continue until the drive to keep prohibition in place goes away.



In the meantime, A Bud & Leaf will continue improving its services for people who seek to responsibly enjoy recreational cannabis in Olympia and the surrounding areas.  Everyone knows using marijuana or marijuana products should never have been a crime and increasingly more people acknowledge the injustices that prohibition causes. Marijuana use should not be regarded as a subculture but as a known part of the national culture.



As a business, ABL will continue operating in an accountable manner. The store will fulfill all its financial and other responsibilities to state and local authorities and honor all the requirements they establish.