A Bud & Leaf, Inc. has provided a wide variety of marijuana products to thousands of recreational marijuana customers age 21 and over. We also now offer products and services to medical marijuana patients. 

  • We are NOT health care providers. 
  • We CANNOT offer any medical advice of any kind to anyone at any time.
  • We CAN offer information about the marijuana products we sell and help medical marijuana patients select products they prefer.
  • We CAN register medical marijuana Patients and their Designated Providers with the Washington State Medical Marijuana Authorization Database.
  • We CAN issue Medical Marijuana Recognition Cards to Patients and their Designated Providers.

Washington State Medical Marijuana Authorization Database:

Starting July 1, 2016 a medical marijuana Patient with a valid Authorization Form may come to A Bud & Leaf and join the Medical Marijuana Authorization Database. Upon joining the Database, we will issue to the Patient, and his or her Designated Provider, if any, a Medical Marijuana Recognition Card.

Note: Joining the Authorization Database is VOLUNTARY and is not required in order to be a medical marijuana patient.

The Medical Marijuana Recognition Card affords the patient many benefits. Among these, a Recognition Card holder may:

  • Purchase products sales tax free at A Bud & Leaf or any other Washington State licensed retail recreational marijuana store with a medical endorsement.
  • Purchase up to three times the current limits for recreational customers.
  • Purchase high-THC products.
  • Possess six plants and eight ounces of usable marijuana. A Healthcare Practitioner may authorize additional plants to a maximum of 15; a Patient so authorized may possess up to 16 ounces of usable marijuana produced from their plants (see RCW 69.51A.210).
  • Participate in a medical marijuana cooperative garden (see RCW 69.51A.250).
  • Have arrest protection (see RCW 69.51A.040).

How to Join the Database:

  1.  Bring your Authorization Form, which has been completed and signed by your Healthcare Practitioner, to A Bud & Leaf, or any other Washington State licensed retail recreational marijuana store with a medical endorsement.
  2. Ask to see our Washington State Department of Health Certified Medical Marijuana Consultant on staff. This person is trained in working with authorized medical marijuana patients.
  3. Give our Consultant your Authorization Form so that he or she can enter your information into the Database, take your picture, and create and issue to you a new Medical Marijuana Recognition Card. 

Medical Marijuana Authorization ForM:

The Medical Marijuana Authorization Form is ONLY to be completed by the authorizing Healthcare Practitioner. Neither the Patient nor the Designated Provider may fill out any portion of the form other than signing under the attestation.

The Authorization Form must be fully and legibly completed by the authorizing Healthcare Practitioner with the Patient and the Patient’s Designated Provider, if any.

A Designated Provider is NOT the Healthcare Practitioner. A Designated Provider is a person the medical marijuana Patient authorizes to purchase his or her marijuana product for or to grow the marijuana for the Patient. He or she must be named on the Patient’s Medical Marijuana Authorization Form.

The Patient and Designated Provider, if any, must each obtain an individual authorization from the authorizing Healthcare Practitioner.  It is not sufficient for the Designated Provider to possess a copy of the Patient’s authorization.

Additional Information:

Please visit the Washington State’s Department of Health  for additional information on this topic and all other relevant information relating to medical marijuana, including the Authorization Form, references to the applicable laws and rules, and detailed instructions on how to join the Database.  http://www.doh.wa.gov/YouandYourFamily/Marijuana/MedicalMarijuana

Schedule Your Appointment:

Please call A Bud & Leaf at 360.456.1225 and ask to speak with our Washington State Department of Health Certified Medical Marijuana Consultant.  Our Consultant will schedule an appointment for you on a date and time convenient for you.  This will eliminate Patient wait time. Expect it might take about 20 minutes or so to complete your Database registration and issue your photo-ID Recognition Card.