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02/2018 Google Review: 

"This was the best dispensary I've ever been to in my whole life so helpful definitely one-on-one service and you're not feeling like you're in a hurry or rushed I highly recommended if you're in Olympia and even if you're not living in Olympia I highly recommend you drive because it's so worth it happy 420 forever."

03/29/18 Google Review: 

"Great place and the staff is awesome!! Very helpful and knowledgeable. Only place I like to go."

02/2018 Google Review:

"It is always a pleasure to come to Bud & Leaf Marijuana. The staff are super knowledgeable & always help me when I have no clue. Check them out, their awesome!"

01/2018 Google Review: 

"Great place to pick any of your herbal needs. They have a wide variety at great prices."

01/2018: Very friendly staff, always knowledgeable ! Great prices !! They always remember me and find something in my price range !! Love this shop! Also a plus - it's a smaller location so not as overwhelming as some of the larger shops.

12/20/17: Cool place, better selection of herb than other local stores.

12/19/17: Awesome variety and prices.

12/09/17: Very friendly staff, always knowledgeable ! Great prices !!

11/09/17: My one and only dispensary. They know how to pick product and can help you find the effects and flavors you enjoy best. Always for a great price. And the ladies that budtenders there are knowledgeable and deserve phat tips.

9/8/17: I am a medical patient. Visited store for first time today. The lady behind the counter was very professional. She knows her products. Nice and orderly. Good selection of flowers, oils. As a medical patient I need potency. I am impressed. You just landed a loyal customer. Thank you!

8/16/17:  Great staff!

8/16/17:  I love this place! Always helpful with my indecisiveness.

8/11/17: A Bud and Leaf always has kind and knowledgeable employees when I go in.

8/10/17: Friendly and helpful staff.

8/5/17: Love this place! Budtenders remembered what I normally purchase. Good customer service.

8/2/17: Everybody is great there, enjoy coming in weekly.

7/21/17: Employees are great. They know the products and have gotten to know me personally, making it a pleasant experience. Just want to say KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK and Thank You.

7/14/17: Love the e-mails when you have specials!! THX ๐Ÿค™๐Ÿผ

7/12/17: Very helpful representative. Thank you.

7/8/17: Y'all are always so friendly and helpful! Thanks!

7/7/17:  I do so much thank the staff of Bud n Leaf. Not only today, but every visit. They are all very helpful, knowledgeable and polite. They assist my wife, who is deaf,when she stops in. They extend themselves more than necessary and it is done with a smile. Kim a round of Hip Hip Hooray for all those at Bud and Leaf. I thank you all.

7/4/17: Great place, great people, great products, and the best prices! What more could you ask for!?

6/30/17: Your customer service is awesome.

6/19/17: You guys are amazing and you pick some of the best producers ever.

6/6/17: Only all compliments, all the time.

6/1/17: I love everyone at your shop!!!

5/28/17: I like the people and the atmosphere when you walk in๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

6/1/17           I love everyone at your shop!!!

5/28/17        Thanks Paula and Laura for great service.

5/28/17        I like the people and the atmosphere when you walk in

5/27/17        Great people

5/25/17        I appreciate the helpful staff!

5/20/17        Great people

5/20/17        Awsome staff

5/20/17        Kool spot

5/17/17        Always friendly staff, no hurries & consistently good information! Only place I go!!

5/12/17        I will like that you guys try to find CBD. Yummy.

5/9/17           I travel an hour or moreto come to Bud and Leaf on a regular basis.  Shout out to Paula who has always been super helpful

5/2/17           Good work keep it up.

5/1/17           Awesome as always

4/22/17        Thank You!

4/21/17        I really appreciate the help.

4/20/17        The rapper kush and smells and taste so yummy.

4/19/17        Everyone says go to [a competitor] or some other place. But y'all have a huge selection that I like and the people know me and they know info straight for the indica. But they even helped me when I for some reason couldn't get high.
The people are amazing. Thank you so much!

4/17/17        I'm very fond of your staff.

4/15/17        Nice selection and great staff!

4/12/17        These folks are always friendly, helpful and competent. No hurries, just good service & quality products.

4/8/17           Friendly knowledgeable staff.

3/26/17        Though Iโ€™m not you neighbour anymore,

yours is the first store which I came to regularly, and gladly
still stop by when Iโ€™m in the neighbourhood!

3/25/17        Your staff is knowledgeable and are always proffesional! It makes me feel more at ease as I don't want to feel like I'm walking into a drug house where people are makes deals and acting unprofessional!

3/15/17        Great service, great products, great everything! The woman who was helping me was amazing and sold me a silicollecter. I think this thing is going to last a bit longer than my glass. Thanks so much! Great experience!

3/10/17        Great staff.

3/8/17           Awesome customer service. [Loni] is very helpful and knowledgeable about the product...will keep coming back.

3/8/17           Your staff is awesome :)

3/5/17           Everyone was kind and helpful! Great spot!

3/1/17           They were very nice and accommodating. Good 2nd visit to this establishment. Thanks for your great service!

2/28/17        Sweet people

2/28/17        You guys were so helpful for being my first time in that shop!

2/8/17           Nice job.

2/4/17           I don't know the gentlemanโ€™s name, but every time I go in if he is there he is very nice and helpful.

2/4/17           Excellent service, excellent product.

1/14/17        Couldn't ask for anything better...THANKS!!

1/12/17        You guys are always the greatest!

1/11/17        You guys are awesome:)

1/10/17        I really like Loni. Sheโ€™s a keeperl she knows her cannabis.

1/5/17           2-thumbs-up

12/30/16      I love the guys that work there you hired some great people. [My budtender] always lights up when he sees familiar faces and remembers your story and what's going on in your life. I find this to be the cherry on the top of the sundae.

12/27/16      Keep being awesome.

12/20/16      You guys are the greatest always very helpful!

12/20/16      You guys are awesome loving the new deals keep them coming!!

12/18/16      Great service. Very friendly people.

12/11/16      Doing great. Keep up the good work.

12/8/16        You're the best shop in South Sound: friendly helpful service and product that never disappoints. Thanks for being in Lacey/Oly. I've tried other shops; you guys shine!

12/6/16        "Excellent place to go!!!
People are cool. Only place for me."

12/5/16        Quick, friendly, knowledgeable service....what more could you ask for?! Thanks, guys!

11/29/16      The young man (Dan) continues to be great help to me.....has given me wonderful suggestions which has added more sales and has turned me from [a competitor] to staying with Bud and Leaf......Thank you!

11/28/16      <3 the skater boy he's super funny and always brightens the day! Love the environment, chill like it should be and not all stuck up like other local places. I'd rather drive farther to go here. Keep up the great job!

11/24/16      Awesome people and happy atmosphere!

11/19/16      Your guys are great

11/11/16      Very friendly and inviting service.

11/9/16        Awesome service and selection as always

11/9/16        Every time I come in staff is super friendly and informative. $6 gram deal I got on text message was what drew me in today.

11/5/16        Lovely budtenders

11/5/16        I love the skater who works there!! He's awesome and knows his stuff!

10/27/16      Your crew is always VERY welcoming and accommodating. I won't go anywhere else for my medical marijuana needs

10/25/16      You guys rock!

10/22/16      I appreciated the kindness and professional way I was treated in the process of registration. Dan answered my questions thoroughly. This is something that I will need to continue to use and purchase. I want to be treated with respect and (I'm not using this as a way to just get high) and I think this employee did that. Thank you.

10/20/16      Always nice and knowledgeable.

10/13/16      Excellent as usual and have the best quality.  Excellent customer service!

10/12/16      You guys are real stoners and know who from what. Your reactions and answers to my questions, never seem scripted. Y'all are my favorite shop to go to.

10/11/16      Always nice staff.

10/9/16        I think her name is Laura. She is always so sweet and informative and knows what I like and just a nice person l around. She gave me her kitten button because I told her it was cute. I'm happy all around. Thank you!

10/8/16        Staff is always helpful and friendly. My new favorite shop

10/7/16        Always great as usual

9/17/16        Excellent job, quality of products and the young man that helped me today was the best. All thumbs up. Thank you and keep up the great work!!

9/11/16        The guy that helped us was awesome. He was excited to answer our questions and happy to help us find what we were looking for. If I could rate 10 stars, I would

9/11/16        It is a pleasure to drive from Centralia to this store.

9/3/16           Your budtender was super helpful and had great customer service. I have a great experience everytime I come in.

9/2/16           The bud tenders are exceptionally nice.

8/30/16        The prices here are always competitive for recreational cannabis. The staff is always knowledgeable and interested in getting you want you want NOT what they need to sell. A diverse selection for every budget. This is my go to!

8/23/16        Keep up the good work

8/17/16        Love your place.

8/15/16        Great job from the staff. Very happy with the friendliness of everyone and the knowledge they have as well as suggestions.

8/14/16        You guys really are so wonderful.  It was really difficult for me when the changes went into effect to be unable to see my dispensary anymore.  And now that I know one of my favorite employees from a previous dispensary I used works there, I am even happier. Thank you!

8/9/16           Love these people!!!!

8/9/16           "I love you guys. Thank you for being awesome."

8/8/16           Best customer service.

8/7/16           You guys make everyone welcomed. I live in Chehalis and I come up here for my needs. Thank you for being awesome

8/7/16           Always great

8/2/16           Fantastic service and knowledge by all!

7/30/16        As always, everyone is very helpful and educated and have a nice selection of product.

7/28/16        I like!!

7/24/16        Friendly staff, clean and comfortable atmosphere.

7/22/16        Super Chill First Experience!! 

7/20/16        I enjoy what this place has to offer.
A Bud and Leaf has an excellent variety
of everything.

7/20/16        YOU did great

7/18/16        Keep up the good work!

7/17/16        Nice selection.

7/15/16        These guys are great! Always kind and helpful, they are.

7/14/16        Everyone is always so great and super helpful here!

7/12/16        The employees are very nice and helpful.

7/11/16        Love this place

7/7/16           Very patient and knowledgeable.

7/5/16           You all are very helpful, I enjoy coming there

6/30/16        Helpful, friendly people, will go back.

6/22/16        Thanks for always having a smile and being kind!

6/16/16        Big shout out to guy who checks IDs that can say my name with no problem

6/15/16        Nice and very helpful!

6/15/16        Get better staff it's not just high and rude

6/11/16        Keep up the great work!

6/8/16           Love this place. Great prices and friendly staff who know the products.

5/29/16        My favorite store in Washington state!! Great staff, amazing prices, & home of the 35% Head Cheese. Thanks guys

5/29/16        Loving that your getting more variety every time I come in !!!!

5/27/16        Getting better selections every time I come back to your store.

5/24/16        Everyone is friendly and easy to ask the team questions too take home the quality I was looking for. My boyfriend and I are never disappointed leaving there. Thank you all for your work you do:)

5/21/16        Great service and friendly people

5/17/16        Great place and employees

5/17/16        Always get the best service!

5/15/16        Great service great product.

5/15/16        Great service great product.

5/14/16        Jim was a customer service maniac!!

5/13/16        Staff is so friendly and helpful.

5/12/16        Very friendly and helpful.

5/11/16        Always a great experience! :)

5/7/16           Very friendly know what they are talking about a relax and peaceful place I tell all my freinds that your place is great

5/7/16           Very friendly know what they are talking about a relax and peaceful place I tell all my freinds that your place is great

5/6/16           Very friendly and helpful staff. A Bud & Leaf has a large assortment of high quality marijuana so no reason for me to shop anywhere else.

5/6/16           Very friendly and helpful staff. A Bud & Leaf has a large assortment of high quality marijuana so no reason for me to shop anywhere else.

5/6/16           Love these guys

5/6/16           No suggestions, just wanted to say there's a reason I've been coming here, out of my way, for over a year, keep it up!

5/2/16           Great place. Classy and nice service. Excellency in variety and decent prices. Discreet and no hassles getting in and out.

4/26/16        Awesome

4/24/16        We love u guys keep it #420

4/21/16        Great shop! Super friendly and helpful!

4/20/16        I'm glad I went through there today. In and out and even met the owner. Wonderful prices and #topshelf greens

4/20/16        My favorite store.

4/20/16        [My budtender] knows just what I need when I need it. The entire staff is professional and extremely helpful.

4/16/16        Always do a good job on recommendations

4/6/16           It's perfect.

4/5/16           "Bud n Leaf is the, BEST place in town hands down. No hassles, no wait. Compared to other recreational Dispensaries.  I shop A Bud and Leaf. I prefer the more casual atmosphere. There are no hassles, you're in and you're out. Great selection all the way around.

4/5/16           I dig it.

4/1/16           The staff here are always so helpful, friendly, patient, and most of all they are NOT pushy. The other local dispensaries, not to make any slams on them but, often times come off as pushy when you're trying to make a selection or decision and it feels like they want you to hurry so they can buzz in their next customer. I used to work at a collective and know more than they think I know and they'd give me incorrect info. When I had questions on things they should know about the bud they are selling I couldn't get answers andthey had no interest in trying to find me an answer. It felt like, "well, you don't have to buy it but hurry and make a decision bc we have people waiting". I'd ask questions about packaging dates on the buds they were recommending, they would be irritated that I would want to find something that was packaged more recently. At Bud and Leaf my experience has always been great. They are down to earth, they want to answer your questions, and they will take the time and show you everything they have if that's what you want or need. They are definitely focused on providing exceptional customer service and it shows through the good quality products they sell, the prices, and the time they take to ensure you know what your getting and to answer any questions you may have. I'd give 10 stars but that's not an option. ;)

3/28/16        Always friendly and with a smile! Thanks!

3/26/16        The only place in town. Bigger grams better quality. Tops any other Recreational Dispensary in town.

3/26/16        Excellent verses [their competitor]. A Bud & Leaf tops everything. No hassles no pressure. You go in get what you want and u dont have to hold some buzzer. Highly recommended.

3/26/16        Excellent.
Will only go here. Its the best place in town.
No hassles.
No holding buzzerl. Nice people
Excellent all the way around.
Great product.
10 stars

3/26/16        Best products best people and a great experience!

3/25/16        A Bud and Leaf is an awesome place to go for your needs!!

3/21/16        Heya! I was the newbie with the hundred. Thank you guys so much for the great experience - the bubble gum is delicious!

3/21/16       Great service, helped me pick out something that am satisfied with.

3/19/16        Really nice people

3/18/16        Your staff was great. Thanks for being there!

3/18/16        You all are always super helpful and super knowledgeable of your products!! Thank you for ALL your amazing customer service and quality products. This is the only spot I shop at.

3/18/16        Awesome place to go and get your goodies!!

3/18/16        Beyond awesome service, product, and overall, love this store

3/17/16        Awesome great bud

3/16/16        You guys have always been super welcoming and warm and you know your product!

3/16/16        Love how the menu is always up to date online. It really helps me to decide what I am interested in before I make a trip.

3/15/16        Great place to go to find what you need!

3/14/16        Awesome service , and super dank 10 dollar grams. They have some fire top shelf bud too. Thanks guys !!

3/14/16        Good quality products and friendly, knowledgeable staff-can't beat it:)

3/11/16        In and out. Quick and easy.

3/11/16        Very helpful! Great product

3/10/16        The guy helping was super nice and knowledgable. Great store.

3/9/16           You guys are always so friendly and the inside of the building gives off a nice "at home" kind of feel. :-). 

3/6/16           Good Karma Jar for tips or other $ to be allocated as needed. You're the best around

3/5/16           Service and recommendations are always top notch. 

3/4/16           Great place.   Friendly people.

3/4/16           I need to get a job there. I'm either there every day or every other day.  LOL.

3/3/16           A Bud & Leaf was the first store I visited when recreational marijuana became legal.  Couldn't have picked a better place;  counter person was very customer oriented and answered any and all questions on products and accessories.  Perfect location and very welcoming environment.  Really loved the 'special' they had last December; an "emergency" pack of 5 joints.  They were great as a stocking stuffer and a hit with my family and friends.  Always, my first stop!!

3/3/16           Very well organized.

3/3/16           Great service. Great prices. Has me coming back all the time.

3/3/16           I see that you guys are growing your glassware selection. Glad to see that a Bud and Leaf is becoming a one stop shop

3/1/16           Always have a great experience!

2/29/16        Wonderful staff, very expedient, helpful, heard what we said and immediately provided us with choices custom tailored to our needs. We have absolutely decided to make A Bud and Leaf 'our' shop.

2/26/16        Keep on keeping on

2/25/16        Incredible staff! Attentive! Knowledgeable!

2/24/16        You're doing great!

2/24/16        Everybody that works there is great always helpful!

2/22/16        Very helpful staff.

2/22/16        Keep up the great work!

2/21/16        Always awesome

2/21/16        Always awesome

2/20/16        Me "likey"!

2/20/16        Very helpful!

2/19/16        "AWESOME!
Love Bud & leaf! You guys always steer me in the right direction -great recommendations! I've never been let down keep up the good work!"

2/19/16        I appreciated the service.

2/19/16        The gentleman at the counter was super helpful and really friendly. Definitely will go back! 

2/19/16        They are always helpful and awesome!

2/19/16        Always helpful staff.

2/17/16        Everyone is super friendly and very helpful

2/17/16        I love this place

2/16/16        Love your store!

2/16/16        First, Id like to say Dan was wonderful! This is the first time he's helped me.  It'sobvious he has a good arsenal of skills suited for customer service. He's an excellent active listener. He related himself nicely and it felt like he really put himself in my shoes when he made recommendations. her cares about the ppl who walk through that door. Lastly, this was all done with a smile and a great attitude. 

2/15/16        I would like to see more blue dream shatter because it sends you into another mind

2/14/16        Great Staff, the bud is great, and the atmosphere is awesome and has a "homely" feeling to it.

2/12/16        Great products. Great prices

2/12/16        I really appreciate you guys and your expertise

2/11/16        I love your store! Employees are unfailingly friendly and courteous. Products are first rate. Thank you for being you! :-)

2/8/16           The staff are all very friendly and helpful. They have deals for days. They even give you some candy on your way out lol. Definitely worth checking out

2/8/16           An absolute favorite, the product and the people.

2/6/16           I love coming in to a good selection of 10$ grams that are potent and known strains! [The budetenders] are great helpers finding the dankest stuff possible to choose. Best prices in town, hands down.

2/6/16           Love the new rewards program!

2/4/16           Staff was incredibly friendly and helpful. They had great product knowledge and made killer suggestions.

2/3/16           Love the gram/strain of the day concept and you guys always have plenty on hand to satisfy every potential customer. I frequent the store at all hours of the day and am always greeted with courtesy and treated with respect and kindness. Keep up the good work guys. I wish every business in town operated as well as y'all.

2/2/16           Couldn't imagine a friendly staff!

2/1/16           Every employee is very nice and make you feel like you're in a real medical shop with great customer service. 

2/1/16           Marissa was excellent at answering all my questions. The rest of the staff was also quite friendly.

1/31/16        Your employees went above and beyond to make my experience awesome!

1/30/16        I like your bud

1/30/16        Great and friendly. I would love to work there.  Everyone seems so nice.